1. a market; 〔縁日などの〕a fair
    • (のみ)の市
    • a flea market
    • 作物を市へだす
    • take [bring] crops to market
    • 国際見本市
    • an international trade fair
    • 古本市で掘り出し物をした
    • I made a great find at the secondhand book fair.
    • 市の立つ日[町]
    • a market day [town]
    • この通りは毎週一度市が立つ
    • A fair is held on [((英)) in] this street once a week.
    • この易者の評判は大したもので彼の家は常に門前市を成すありさまだ
    • Because of his great renown, there is always a line of visitors before this fortune-teller's door [gate].
  1. a city; 〔行政区画〕a municipality

    市の city; municipal; urban

    • 長野市
    • the city of Nagano/Nagano City
  1. 市債 a municipal bond
  1. 市議会詳細を見る
  1. 市葬 a municipal funeral