1. Ian obi, a broad sash (tied over a kimono);〔帯類〕belting
    • 帯を結ぶ[解く]
    • tie [untie] an obi
    • 帯を締める
    • do up an obi
  1. II
  1. 1〔続き物番組〕a serial; a serialized program,《英》 a serialized programme; a program in a series
  1. 2〔本の帯広告〕a wraparound band
  1. 帯に短し襷たすきに長しIt is good for neither one thing nor the other.
  1. 帯揚げan obi bustle
  1. 帯祝いan obi-tying ceremony held to pray for a safe childbirth
  1. 帯革a leather belt;〔機械用のベルト〕a belt;〔弾薬帯〕a cartridge belt
  1. 帯グラフa column graph
  1. 帯地obi material
  1. 帯締めan obi band
    • この種の松は日本海沿岸に帯状に分布している
    • This kind of pine grows [is distributed] in a belt along the Japan Sea.
  1. 帯止めan ornament worn at the front of an obi
  1. 帯ドラマ[帯番組]a 「serial drama [program] broadcast at the same time every day
  1. 帯封a wrapper
    • 帯封で出す
    • send ((a newspaper)) in a wrapper