1. I〔腰を下ろす〕sit down
    • どうぞお座りください
    • Do sit down./Take your seat(s), please.
    • このソファーに3人座るのは無理だ
    • Three people can't sit on this sofa./This sofa can't seat three people.
    • 老人は床に座っていた
    • The old man sat on the floor.
    • 子供はピアノに向かって座った
    • The child sat down at the piano.
    • きちんと座りなさい
    • Sit up straight.
    • 座ったままでどうぞ
    • Please keep your seat(s)./Please don't stand up.
    • 父はどっかと椅子いすに座った
    • My father dropped [《口》 flopped] into a chair.
    • 校長は得意気に椅子に踏ん反り返って座っていた
    • The principal sat back proudly in his chair.
  1. II〔地位に付く〕
    • 彼の死後ようやく社長の椅子に座った
    • I finally 「became president of the company [gained the post of president] after his death.