1. a memory; recollections
    • 昔の懐かしい思い出
    • a good old memory
    • 子供のころの思い出(の数々)にふける
    • be lost in memories of one's childhood
    • この公園は二人の思い出の場所である
    • This park has memories for us.
    • あの人は私にはもう思い出の人でしかない
    • He is only a memory to me now.
    • ロンドン留学の思い出を語る
    • tell a person of one's days as a student in London
    • 亡き母の思い出の品
    • a memento of my late mother
    • この旅行は楽しい思い出になる
    • This trip will be something pleasant to look back on.
  1. 思い出話a reminiscence
    • 思い出話に花が咲いた
    • We had quite a (good) time reminiscing [talking about old times].