1. shame;〔名誉を汚すもの〕(a) disgrace
    • 恥の文化
    • a shame-sensitive society
    • そんなことをしては恥になる
    • It would be shameful [a disgrace/disgraceful] for you to do a thing like that.
    • 彼の不行跡は家の恥になるだろう
    • His misdeeds will bring disgrace on his family.
    • 酒を飲みすぎて恥をさらした
    • He made a fool of himself by drinking too much.
    • 少年は行儀が悪くて母親に恥をかかせた
    • The boy's bad behavior embarrassed his mother.
    • 人前で恥をかかされた
    • I wasput to shame [humiliated] in public.
    • 恥を知らない男だ
    • He has no sense of shame [honor].
    • 恥を知れ
    • For shame!/You ought to be ashamed (of yourself).
    • 彼は恥をすすぎたいと思った
    • He wanted to wipe away the disgrace he had incurred.
    • 恥をしのぶ
    • endure one's disgrace/bear up under one's shame
    • 怠け者は一家の恥だ
    • A lazy man is a dishonor to his family.
    • そんなことをすると恥の上塗りになる
    • That will (only) add to your shame./That would make it a double disgrace.
    • 聞くは一時の恥,聞かぬは末代の恥
    • He who is ashamed of asking is ashamed of learning.
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