1. a change [turn] for the worse; deterioration

    悪化する worsen; deteriorate

    • 戦局の悪化
    • the deterioration of the war situation
    • 失業問題の更なる悪化
    • a further aggravation of the unemployment problem
    • 悪化させる〔状況などを〕
    • make worse/aggravate
    • 我が国の経済は悪化の一途をたどっている
    • Our economy is goingfrom bad to worse [steadily downhill].
    • 病状は悪化の様相を見せている
    • The condition of the patient threatens to 「become worse [become more serious/take a turn for the worse].
    • 父親が口出しをして事態は一層悪化した
    • Because of their father's intervention, the situation was further aggravated.
    • 原料不足で紙の質が悪化した
    • The quality of paper deteriorated because of a lack of raw material.