1. (a) will ((to do));《文》 volition
    • 意志の強い[弱い]人
    • a 「strong-willed [weak-willed] person/a person 「with a great deal of will power [without much will power]
    • 彼は不屈の意志を持っている
    • He has an iron [indomitable] will.
    • 彼女は自分の意志でこの計画に参加した
    • She took part in this enterprise of her own 「free will [volition]./She volunteered to take part in this enterprise.
    • 意志に反してそれをせざるを得なかった
    • I was forced to do it against my will.
    • 疲れきっていたが意志の力で目的地にたどり着いた
    • Though I was exhausted, I made it to my destination by sheer will power.
    • 彼女はいつも自分の意志を通した
    • She always stuck things out./She never quit halfway.
    • 彼の辞任の意志は固い
    • He is determined to resign.
  1. 意志決定decision-making
    • 意志決定者
    • a decision-maker
  1. 意志薄弱(a) lack of will power