1. thanks; gratitude

    感謝する thank; be thankful [grateful] ((to, for))

    • これは感謝の印です
    • This is a small token of my gratitude.
    • 感謝の言葉もありません
    • I have no words to express my gratitude./I can never thank you enough.
    • こんなことをしたって感謝されそうもない
    • This is likely to be a thankless job./Small [A lot of] thanks I'm likely to get for doing this!(▼a lot ofは皮肉)
    • ご親切に心から感謝します
    • 「I am deeply grateful to you [I thank you from the bottom of my heart] for your kindness.
    • 彼らの協力にとても感謝した
    • I deeply appreciated their cooperation.
  1. 感謝祭《米》 Thanksgiving Day
  1. 感謝状a letter of thanks [appreciation]