1. disciplinary action; 〔けん責〕a reprimand

    懲戒する reprimand; take disciplinary action

  1. 懲戒委員会 a disciplinary committee
  1. 懲戒解雇 〔企業〕disciplinary dismissal
    • 彼は情報漏洩で懲戒解雇された
    • He received disciplinary dismissal for leaking information.
  1. 懲戒処分 a disciplinary measure; disciplinary action
    • 政府は公務員の不法ストの指導者を懲戒処分にした
    • The government took disciplinary action against the leaders of the illegal strike by civil servants.
  1. 懲戒免職 a disciplinary dismissal [discharge]
    • 懲戒免職になる
    • be dismissed 「on disciplinary grounds [for disciplinary reasons]