1. I
  1. 1〔引き返す〕go [come] back; return ((to))
    • もと来た道を戻らねばならなかった
    • We had to go back the way we had come./We had to retrace our steps.
  1. 2〔元の所に帰る〕
    • 席に戻ってよい
    • You may go back to your seat.
    • 君のさっきの話に戻るがもっと時間を与えるというのには同意しかねる
    • 「To return [Getting back] to what you were saying, I don't agree that we should allow more time.
  1. 3〔手元に返る〕
    • 彼に貸した金が戻ってきた
    • He returned the money I had lent him.
    • 税金が少し戻った
    • Part of my tax payment was refunded./I got a small tax refund.
  1. II〔元の状態になる〕
    • 病状は以前に戻ってしまった
    • His condition has returned [reverted] to its former state.
    • やっと調子が戻った
    • At last I'm back to normal.
    • 彼の記憶が戻った
    • He recovered his memory.
    • バネが戻ってしまった
    • The spring has unwound itself.