1. I〔手でこするようにして引く〕
    • 布をしごく
    • draw a piece of cloth through one's hand
    • 彼が麦穂をしごくと小麦の粒が下に落ちてきた
    • As he stripped off the ears of wheat, the grains fell to the ground.
    • 彼はあごひげをしごく癖があった
    • He had a habit of stroking his beard.
    • 槍をしごいて構えた
    • He jerked his leveled spear to his side and assumed a fighting posture.
  1. II〔厳しく訓練する〕train severely
    • 彼らは1年生をしごいた
    • They worked the freshmen hard./《口》 They put the freshmen through the wringer.