1. a mortgage [mɔ́ːrɡidʒ] ((on))
    • 土地を1,000万円の抵当に入れる
    • mortgage [take out a mortgage on] one's land for ten million yen
    • 家を抵当にして500万円借りた
    • I borrowed five million yen on my house./I gave [used] my house as security for a five million yen loan.
    • 貸金に対して土地を抵当に取る
    • take land as security for a loan/lend money with land as security
    • 銀行は私の地所を抵当に取っている
    • The bank holds 「my estate in mortgage [a mortgage on my estate].
    • 抵当は取り戻せた[流れた]
    • The mortgage was redeemed [unredeemed].
  1. 抵当権mortgage; right of pledge
  1. 抵当証券mortgage securities
  1. 抵当流れ〔品物〕an unredeemed article;〔土地〕land lost through foreclosure