1. (a) mortgage ((on)) [mɔ́ːrɡidʒ]; (a) security(▼借金の保証にあてる物);collateral(▼融資の担保物件)
    • 借金の担保
    • security for a loan
    • 家を担保に金を借りる
    • borrow money 「on one's house [with one's house as collateral]
    • 無担保で金を借りる
    • borrow money without security [collateral]
    • 銀行が土地を担保にとっている
    • The bank holds a mortgage on the land.
    • その家は600万円の担保に入っている
    • The house has a mortgage of six million yen on it.
    • 彼の家は銀行のローンの担保になっている
    • His house has been mortgaged to the bank for [against] a loan.
  1. 担保付き貸付a secured loan
  1. 担保物権real rights granted [obtained] by way of security
  1. 担保物件collateral