1. adhere to; stick to
    • つまらないことにかかわるのはよしなさい
    • Don't be such a stickler for detail./Don't be so scrupulous [particular] about little things.
  1. 〔物事にやかましい〕be particular ((about)); 〔気にする〕worry ((about)); 〔固執する〕stick ((to))
    • 色にこだわる人には紫のほうを勧める
    • To those who are particular about color, I recommend the purple one.
    • 礼儀作法にこだわる
    • worry about [stick to] formalities
    • 細かいことにこだわる
    • fuss over (small) details
    • 彼は細部にこだわる人だ
    • He is a stickler for detail.
    • 父親との関係にこだわっている
    • He has a complex about his father./((口)) He is hung up on his relationship with his father.