1. I〔上へ上がる〕
    • この箱は重くて持ち上がらない
    • This box is too heavy to lift.
    • すごい地震で床が持ち上がったような気がした
    • The earthquake was so strong that I felt as if the floor were being heaved upward.
  1. II
  1. 1〔ことが起こる〕
    • 困ったことが持ち上がった
    • A problem hascome up [cropped up].
    • 信じ難い事件が持ち上がった
    • An unbelievable incident occurred [took place].
    • 二人の間に別れ話が持ち上がった
    • They began to talk about getting a divorce.
  1. 2〔教師が担任を続ける〕
    • 森先生は担任が持ち上がった
    • Mr. Mori is in charge of the same class as last year.