1. (a) recommendation

    推薦する recommend ((a person for [as]))

    • 校長の推薦で彼を採用した
    • We hired him on the recommendation of the principal.
    • 彼女をあなたの秘書に推薦します
    • I recommend her 「to be [as] your secretary.
    • 高山氏を会長候補に推薦したい
    • I would like to nominate Mr. Takayama for the presidency.
    • 就職の申し込みをするとき推薦していただけますか
    • Would you write a recommendation for me when I apply for employment?
  1. 推薦候補a recommended candidate
  1. 推薦者a recommender;〔身元照会先〕a reference,《英》 a referee
    • 被推薦者
    • a recommendee
  1. 推薦状a letter of recommendation;〔身元などの照会状〕a reference
  1. 推薦図書recommended books [reading]
  1. 推薦入学admission (to college) on the recommendation system
    • この大学は推薦入学を認めている
    • This college admits some students solely on the strength of recommendations from their high schools.