1. ((make)) a proposal ((of; that; to do));((make)) a suggestion ((that)) (▼形式張らない提言)

    提案する propose [suggest] ((that; doing))

    • 両国間の貿易拡大の提案が可決された
    • The proposals for increasing trade between the two countries were adopted.
    • 青木氏から動議の提案があった
    • A motion was proposed [made] by Mr. Aoki.
    • 早く出発することを提案します
    • I suggest [propose] that we (should) start early./I suggest 「an early start [starting early].
    • 議長の選出方法について提案させてください
    • Let me make a proposal concerning the method of electing the chairperson.
  1. 提案者a proposer;〔動議の〕a mover
  1. 提案理由the reason for a proposal