1. I〔持ち去る〕snatch away; carry off
    • 自転車の男がハンドバッグをさらった
    • A man on a bicycle snatched my handbag.
    • 波に足をさらわれた
    • He was carried [swept] off his feet by the wave(s).
    • ボートが波にさらわれた
    • A small boat was swept away by the waves.
    • 船員の1人が大波にさらわれた
    • One of the crew was washed overboard by a gigantic wave.
    • 泥棒が金庫の金を全部さらって逃げた
    • A thief 「made off with [carried off] all the money in the safe.
    • 子供がさらわれた
    • A child was kidnapped.
  1. II〔自分のものにする〕
    • 彼女は大変話好きでいつも我々の会話をさらってしまう
    • She is such a great talker that she always monopolizes our conversation.
    • 彼は悠々と優勝をさらった
    • He walked away [off] with the championship.