1. I
  1. 1〔つっかいをする〕support
    • 棒で塀を支える
    • prop up a wall with a post
    • 杖で体を支える
    • support oneself with a stick
  1. 2〔防ぎ止める〕
    • 辛うじて敵を支えている
    • We are barely holding the enemy in check.
  1. II〔維持する〕support
    • 彼は大家族を支えて行かねばならない
    • He has to support a large family.
  1. 1〔ふさがる〕
    • 管にごみがつかえている
    • The pipe is clogged [blocked/stopped up] with dirt.
    • 餅がのどにつかえた
    • A rice cake got caught in my throat.
    • ピアノが戸口につかえて入らなかった
    • The piano was too big for the entrance and would not go in.
    • 車がつかえていて先に進めない
    • We cannot move because traffic is blocked.
    • トイレがつかえている
    • The toilet is occupied.
    • ポストがつかえていて空きがない
    • All the positions are filled and there is no vacancy for me.
  1. 2〔残っている〕
    • 仕事がつかえているので休みがとれない
    • So much work has piled up that I can't take a holiday.
    • 議事がつかえている
    • We have a long list of matters to attend to.
  1. 3〔胸がふさがる感じ〕
    • これでやっと胸につかえていたものが取れた
    • At last the things that have been weighing on me have been settled./Now all my anxieties [worries] have been removed.
  1. 4〔言葉がうまく出ない〕
    • 返事につかえてしまった
    • I did not know what to answer./I was at a loss for an answer.
    • ジョーはつかえつかえフランス語をしゃべった
    • Joe spoke French haltingly.
    • 声がのどにつかえて言葉にならなかった
    • My voice caught in my throat and no words came out.
    • 歌の途中でつかえてしまった
    • She stumbled in the middle of her song.
「肝が据わる」と「肝が座る」正しいのはどっち? idraft by goo