1. literature; letters

    文学的 literary

    文学上 from the standpoint of literature

    • 日本[古典]文学
    • Japanese [classical] literature
    • 児童文学
    • juvenile [children's] literature
    • 純[大衆]文学
    • serious [popular] literature
    • 国民文学
    • national literature
    • 比較文学
    • comparative literature
    • ロマン[自然]主義文学
    • romantic [naturalistic] literature
    • 文学の素養[趣味]がある
    • have a 「knowledge of [taste for] literature
    • 文学を志して東京に出てきた
    • He came to Tokyo with aspirations of becoming a writer.
  1. 文学界the literary world; literary circles
  1. 文学概論a literary survey; a survey of literature
  1. 文学作品a literary work [text]
  1. 文学史a history of literature
  1. 文学士a Bachelor of Arts ((略 B.A.))
  1. 文学者a literary man, a man of letters;〔作家〕a writer
  1. 文学修士a Master of Arts ((略 M.A.))
  1. 文学青年a young literature buff; a young lover of literature; a literary youth
  1. 文学博士a Doctor of Letters [Literature] ((略 Lit(t). D.));〔新制大学の〕a Doctor of Philosophy ((略 Ph.D.))
  1. 文学部a department [faculty] of literature
    • 文学部長
    • the dean [head] of the faculty of literature
  1. 文学論literary criticism; a theory of literature