1. a newspaper; a paper;〔総称〕the press
    • 日[週]刊新聞
    • a daily [weekly] paper
    • 英字新聞
    • an English-language paper
    • 学級[学校]新聞
    • a class [school] paper
    • 今日の新聞
    • today's paper
    • 毎朝新聞の夕刊
    • the evening edition of the Maicho
    • 新聞の折り込み
    • an inserted bill/an insert
    • 新聞を畳む
    • fold a newspaper
    • 新聞を広げる
    • open up [spread (out)] a newspaper
    • 新聞にそう出ている
    • The paper says so.
    • 新聞に出る
    • appear in the paper
    • 新聞に連載される
    • appear serially in a newspaper/be serialized in a newspaper
    • 新聞紙上に報告される
    • be reported in the papers [press]
    • それは新聞で読みました
    • I read it in the newspaper.
    • その汚職事件は新聞にでかでかと書き立てられた
    • The papers played up the bribery case.
    • 新聞によればそれは日曜日の朝の出来事だった
    • The newspaper says that it happened on Sunday morning.
    • 私の家では新聞を3紙取っていた
    • We got [subscribed to/took] three papers.
    • 新聞を配達する
    • deliver newspapers
    • 新聞の販売拡張運動を始めたところです
    • We have just started a drive to get more subscribers for our newspaper.
  1. 新聞売り子a newsboy
  1. 新聞売り場[売店;販売所]a newsstand
  1. 新聞記事a newspaper article [story];〔短いもの〕a news item
  1. 新聞記者a newspaper reporter
  1. 新聞記者席the press box [gallery]
  1. 新聞業journalism
  1. 新聞業界the newspaper world; newspaperdom
  1. 新聞切り抜きnewspaper clippings
  1. 新聞広告a newspaper advertisement;〔目的別の数行広告〕a classified ad
  1. 新聞購読者a subscriber to a newspaper
    • 新聞購読者が減っている
    • The number of 「newspaper subscribers [people who subscribe to newspapers] is decreasing.
  1. 新聞購読料「a subscription to [the subscription rate for] a newspaper
  1. 新聞紙(「a piece of [some]) newspaper
  1. 新聞社a newspaper company
  1. 新聞種a newspaper topic; material for a news story
    • 新聞種になる
    • be used as material for a news story/be turned into a news story
  1. 新聞配達newspaper delivery
    • 新聞配達員
    • a newsboy/a newsgirl/a newspaper delivery person [boy/girl]
    • 新聞配達区域
    • a newspaper route
  1. 新聞発表a press [news] release
  1. 新聞販売機a newspaper vending machine
  1. 新聞販売店[取次店]a news agency; a delivery agent;《米》 a newsdealer;《英》 a newsagent
  1. 新聞論調press comments ((on))
  1. 新聞倫理綱領the press code
  1. 米英の主な新聞
    The International Herald Tribune
    The Wall Street Journal
    The Christian Science Monitor
    Chicago Tribune
    The New York Times
    The Los Angeles Times
    The Washington Post(イギリス)
    The Observer
    The Guardian
    The Times
    The Daily Express
    The Daily Telegraph
    The Daily Mirror
    The Daily Mail
    The Financial Times