1. I〔おいしさ〕taste; (full; rich) flavor,《英》 flavour; umami
    • この料理は冷たいほうがうまみがある
    • To best enjoy its rich flavor, you should eat this dish cold.
    • 刺身のうまみが分からない
    • I just 「can't appreciate [don't enjoy] the taste of raw fish.
  1. II
  1. 1〔妙味〕a charm
    • 彼の文章には独特のうまみがある
    • His writing has 「a charm [an attractiveness] all its own.
    • 彼は能弁だが話にうまみがない
    • He speaks fluently, but he isn't able to hold his listeners.
  1. 2〔利益〕
    • この商売は余りうまみがない
    • This business doesn't pay very well.
    • この仕事にはうまみがある
    • This job has its advantages.
    • うまみのある(仕事の)話
    • a tempting [《口》 juicy] offer