1. the daytime ⇒ひるま(昼間)
    • 昼間飛行
    • a daytime flight
  1. 昼間学校(a) day school
  1. 昼間勤務the day shift; day duty
  1. 昼間人口the daytime population
  1. ((in)) the daytime;((during the)) day
    • 昼間は農作業をして夜は本を読む
    • He works on a farm 「during the [by] day and reads books at [by] night.
    • 昼間のうちに帰っていらっしゃい
    • Come home before it gets dark.
    • 昼間の光で見るとその服は古ぼけていた
    • Seen in the daylight, the dress looked worn out.
    • 昼間は留守にしています
    • I am out during the day.