1. time
    • 何時ですか
    • What time is it?
    • 3時15分です
    • It is a quarter past three./It is three fifteen.
    • 午前[午後]2時半です
    • It is 「half past two [two thirty] in the morning [afternoon].
    • 1時50分です
    • It is one fifty./It is ten to [《米》 before/of] two.
  1. 1〔時間〕time
    • 時の鐘
    • an hour bell
    • 時の記念日
    • Time Day
    • 朝は勉強に一番よい時だ
    • Morning is the best time for study.
    • 時がたてば分かる
    • Time will tell.
    • 彼を納得させるには時が掛かるだろう
    • It will take you time to convince him.
    • 時のたつのが早い
    • Time flies.
    • 時を経るにしたがって彼の記憶は薄れた
    • As time passed [went by] my memories of him faded.
    • 時は金なり
    • ((諺)) Time is money.
    • 時をたがえずやって来た
    • He came 「on time [punctually].
    • 時計が時を告げた
    • The clock struck the hour.
  1. 2〔場合,時期〕a case, a time;〔機会〕an opportunity
    • どんな時にも
    • at all times/at any time/〔どんな事情でも〕under all circumstances
    • 緊急の時は
    • in case of (an) emergency
    • ちょうどよい時に彼がやって来た
    • He came 「in the nick of time [just at the right moment].
    • 今度上京する時には一緒に行こう
    • Let's go together the next time I go to Tokyo.
    • 今こそ彼に打ち明けるべき時だ
    • 「Now is the time [The time has come] to confide in him.
    • そろそろ引退する時ではありませんか
    • Isn't it about time you retired?
    • それは時と場合による
    • That depends (on the time and the situation).
    • 時が時だから言動を慎みなさい
    • As the situation is delicate, you should be careful of what you say and do.
    • 時のはずみで大金を貸してしまった
    • He lent her a lot of money on the spur of the moment.
    • 彼は時を選ばず電話を掛けてくる
    • He calls me whenever [at any hour] he likes.
  1. 3〔時代〕
    • 時の大統領
    • the then President
    • 時の流れ
    • the current of the times
    • 時の流行
    • the fashion of the day
    • あのころは苦しい時だった
    • Those were hard times.
    • 若い時には無茶なこともした
    • He did reckless things when he was young.
    • 戦争の時に
    • in wartime/in time of war
  1. 4〔季節〕a season
    • 時[時はずれ]の野菜
    • vegetables in [out of] season
  1. 5〔文法で,時制〕a tense
    • 時が来たら支店を出すつもりだ
    • I'm waiting for a favorable opportunity to open a branch shop.
    • 彼はやがて運の開ける時が来ると信じていた
    • He was sure better times were coming.
    • いよいよ真相を語る時が来た
    • The time has finally come for me to tell the truth.
  1. 時として時として
  1. 時ならぬ時ならぬ
  1. 時に時に
  1. 時の氏神a person who turns up at an opportune moment as a mediator [peacemaker]
    • 勝敗は時の運だ
    • Fortune decides the outcome of a battle [game]./Victory or defeat is all a matter of chance.
  1. 時の人a person in the news
    • あの本で彼はすっかり時の人になってしまった
    • He 「is really in the limelight [has become the man of the hour] on account of that book.(▼前者は「脚光を沿びて」の意)
    • この手術は時を争う
    • This operation is urgent.
    • 時を移さずそうした
    • I lost no time in doing so./I did so without (a moment's) delay.
    • それは時を得た発言だった
    • That was a timely remark.
    • 質問を連発して時を稼いだ
    • They gained [played for] time by asking one question after another.
    • 鶏が時を作る
    • A cock crows to tell the coming of dawn.
    • 時を見て
    • at a favorable opportunity
    • よい時を見て彼に忠告しよう
    • I'll wait for the right moment and give him some advice.
    • 今時そんな歌ははやらない
    • Songs like that aren't in fashion 「these days [nowadays].
    • ちょうど花見時だ
    • It's just the right time for cherry blossom viewing.
    • 彼が来る時はいつも飯時だ
    • He always comes at mealtime.
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