1. I 〔終わりになる〕end; come to an end
    • 宴はいつ果てるとも知れなかった
    • There seemed to be no end to the feast.
    • 砂浜の果てる所に松林があった
    • There was a pine grove at the end of the sandy beach.
  1. II 〔死ぬ〕die; pass away
    • いつ果てるともわからぬ身だ
    • I may meet my fate [end] at any moment.
    • 自らのどをかき切って果てた
    • He killed himself by cutting his throat.
  1. 1 〔その極に達する〕
    • 疲れ果てている
    • He is 「tired out [exhausted].
    • あきれ果てて物も言えなかった
    • I was dum(b) founded [flabbergasted].
    • 電車の中で財布をすられて困り果てた
    • Having had my pocket picked in the train, I was at a loss what to do.
  1. 2 〔落ちるところまで落ちる〕
    • 彼は乞食になり果てていた
    • He was reduced to begging for a living.