1. a willow (tree);〔柳細工に適した柳〕an osier [óuʒər]
    • 細工用の柳の小枝
    • wicker
    • 柳の枝で作ったかご
    • 「a wicker [an osier] basket/a basket made of willow twigs
    • 彼女の言葉を柳に風と受け流した
    • He took no heed of what she said./He let her words go in one ear and out the other.
  1. 柳に雪折れなしWillows do not break but bend under the snow./Oaks may fall while reeds survive the storm.
    • 柳の下にいつもどじょうはいない
    • Good luck does not often repeat itself.
  1. 柳行李a wicker trunk
  1. 柳細工wickerwork