persevering(ly), patient(ly);〔飽きることなく〕untiring(ly)

    • 彼女は根気よくミシンをかけた
    • She worked untiringly at the sewing machine.
    • 報告を全部読み直すだけの根気はなかった
    • I didn't have the perseverance to read through the entire report.
    • 彼女のぐちを黙って聞いているだけの根気はなかった
    • I didn't have the patience to listen quietly to her complaints.
    • セーターを編むには根気がいる
    • It takes perseverance to knit a sweater.
    • 彼は根気よく努力しないから成功しない
    • He doesn't succeed because he does not persevere in his efforts.
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