1. 1die;((婉曲えんきょくに)) pass away

    死んだ dead;〔故…〕the late ((Mr. Yoshida))

    • 病気[がん]で死ぬ
    • die of 「a disease [cancer]
    • けががもとで死ぬ
    • die from a wound(▼病気や飢えなどで死ぬ時はof,けがやその他の原因による時はfromを用いる)
    • 交通事故で死ぬ
    • die [be killed] in a traffic accident
    • 焼け死ぬ
    • be burned to death/die in a fire
    • 溺れ死ぬ
    • drown/be drowned
    • 死なばもろともだ
    • 〔一緒にやるとこまでやろう〕Let's stick to it together whatever may happen./〔相打ちだ〕If I must die [suffer my downfall], I'm going to take you with me.
    • 畳の上で死ぬ
    • die in one's own bed/die a peaceful death
    • 死にかかっている
    • be dying
    • 彼が死んでから5年になる
    • He has been dead for five years./It has been five years since he died.
    • これじゃ死ぬに死ねない
    • I can't die and leave things in this state.
    • 死ぬ覚悟でそこに出かけた
    • He went there fully aware that it might cost him his life.
    • のどが渇いて死にそうだ
    • I'm dying for a glass of water.
    • 部活がきつくて死にそうだった
    • The club activities were so hard that I could hardly take it.
    • 死んでしまいたい
    • I wish I were dead.
    • 死んでもそんなことはしたくない
    • I would rather die than do a thing like that.
    • 死ぬ気でやればなんでもできる
    • You can do anything if 「you're not afraid of death [you go into it ready to die].
    • あいつは死んだも同然だ
    • He is as good as dead.
    • 娘は死んだものとあきらめた
    • He gave his daughter up for dead.
    • この虫は死んだふりをしている
    • This insect is 「feigning death [playing dead].
  1. 2〔生気がなくなる〕
    • この肖像画は死んでいる
    • There is no life in this portrait.
    • この言葉をとるとこの文章は死んでしまう
    • The sentence falls flat if you cross that word out.
    • 色彩が死んでいる
    • The colors are dead [flat/lifeless].
  1. 3〔活用されない〕
    • 死んでいる資金
    • money lying unused
  1. 4〔囲碁で〕be captured
  1. 5〔野球で〕be (put) out ⇒アウト
  1. 死んだ子の歳を数えるしじ(死児)
  1. 死んで花実が咲くものかWhat good is anything if you're dead?