1. the remainder, the rest; 〔わずかの〕the remnant; 〔食事の残り〕leftovers

    残りの remaining; 〔食べ残しの〕leftover

    • 鉛筆は僕が3本もらって残りは君にやろう
    • I will take three pencils and give you the rest.
    • 食事の残りは捨てるのですか
    • Shall I throw away the leftovers from dinner?
    • 弁当の残りが5個出た
    • There were five lunches left (over).
    • 15から8を引くと残りはいくつか
    • What does 8 from 15 leave?/What is the remainder if you subtract 8 from 15?
    • 休暇の残りは家で過ごした
    • I spent what remained [was left] of my vacation at home.
    • 残りの仕事は明日しよう
    • I will do the remaining work tomorrow.
    • 残りの金で何を買おうか
    • What shall I buy with the leftover money?
    • スカートを作った残りの生地は買物袋にした
    • I used the remnants of cloth left over from making my skirt for a shopping bag.