1. I〔河川の〕flooding, overflowing;〔洪水〕flooding,《文》 (an) inundation
    • 豪雨で川が氾濫した
    • The river flooded [overflowed its banks] after the heavy rain(s).
    • 川が氾濫して村中が水に浸った
    • The river flooded the whole village./The whole village was inundated by the flooding of the river.
  1. II〔物が多くあること〕
    • 外国製品が氾濫している
    • There isan oversupply [a flood] of foreign goods on the market.
    • 盛り場にはネオンサインが氾濫している
    • There are neon lights everywhere in the busy sections of the city.