1. I〔波が打ち寄せる〕dash ((against))
    • 波打つ海
    • the billowing sea(▼billowは大波がうねる)
    • 波打つ岸辺の絵
    • a painting of the shore being washed [lapped] by the waves(▼lapはひたひたと寄せる)
  1. II〔波のようにうねる〕wave; heave
    • 稲穂が波打っている
    • The ears of rice are waving in the field.
    • 彼が笑うとおなかが波を打った
    • When he laughed, his belly heaved [wobbled].
    • 波打つ金髪が自慢だった
    • She was proud of her wavy blonde hair.
    • 彼女は胸が波打つのを感じた
    • She felt her heart pounding.
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