1. I〔大水〕a flood; an inundation
    • 大洪水
    • a deluge
    • この一帯はしばしば洪水に見舞われる
    • This area often suffers from floods [flooding]./This area is often flooded.
    • 川は増水し流域は洪水になった
    • The water rose in the river and the surrounding fields were flooded [inundated].
  1. II〔膨大な量〕
    • メールの洪水
    • a deluge [flood] of e-mails
    • 書物の洪水の中で良書を選ぶのは大変だ
    • Among the flood [torrent] of books being published, it is not easy to select really good ones.
  1. 洪水警報a flood warning