1. Ia tear
    • 涙を流す
    • shed tears/〔泣く〕 《文》 weep
    • 涙にぬれた顔
    • a tearful face
    • 涙が目にあふれた[浮かんだ]
    • Tears 「welled up in [sprang to] her eyes.
    • 涙が流れ落ちて枕をぬらした
    • The tears trickled [rolled] down and wet(-ted) her pillow.
    • 眠っている子供のほおに涙の跡がついていた
    • There were traces of tears on the sleeping child's cheeks.
    • 玉ねぎを刻んでいたら涙が出てきた
    • As I was chopping an onion, my eyes began to water.
    • ほろりと涙を流した
    • She shed a tear./A tear rolled down her cheek.
  1. II〔思いやり〕
    • 血も涙もない仕打ちを受けた
    • He received heartless [cruel] treatment.
    • 血も涙もある施政を望む
    • We want benevolent government.
    • その映画はおきまりのお涙頂戴ものだ
    • The movie is a stereotyped tearjerker [sob story].
    • 臨終の母は涙ながらに娘に秘密を打ち明けた
    • The dying woman confided her secret to her daughter in tears.
  1. 涙に暮れる1〔涙で目が見えなくなる〕be blinded with tears
  2. 涙に暮れる2〔泣き暮らす〕
    • 若い未亡人は毎日涙にくれるばかりだった
    • The young widow did nothing but weep night and day.
    • 遺族は涙にくれた
    • The bereaved family were overcome with grief.
    • 悲報を聞くと彼女は涙に沈んだ
    • Hearing the sad news, she collapsed in tears.
    • 涙にむせんで何も言えなかった
    • She was choked with tears and was unable to speak.
    • 少女は懸命に涙を抑えた
    • The girl tried hard to hold back her tears.
    • 彼の話を聞いているうちに涙を覚えた
    • As I listened to his story, I felt tears come to my eyes.
    • 残された幼児を見ると涙を禁じ得なかった
    • Looking at the bereaved infant, I could not hold back my tears.
    • 気の毒な光景は私たちの涙をさそった
    • The pitiful sight moved us to tears.
    • 負けたチームは涙をのんで退場した
    • The defeated team walked out of the stadium 「holding back their tears [suppressing their mortification].
    • 我々は健闘及ばず涙をのんだ
    • We 「put up a good fight [came close], but were defeated.
    • 涙を振るって息子を懲らしめた
    • I hardened [steeled] my heart and punished my son severely.
    • 悲しい物語に涙を催した
    • I was moved to tears by the tragic story.
  1. 涙雨1〔悲しみに同情したように降る雨〕
    • 葬式の日は涙雨が降っていた
    • On the day of the funeral it rained as though heaven were joining in our tears.
  2. 涙雨2〔ほんのわずかな雨〕 ((have)) a sprinkle of rain
  1. 涙声涙声で in a tearful voice
    • 涙声になった
    • She was on the verge of tears, and her voice broke.
    • tear《通例~s》