1. I
  1. 1〔戦う〕fight (with a sword)
    • 二人の武士は刀を抜いて激しく渡り合った
    • The two warriors drew their swords and fought fiercely.
  1. 2〔競技で〕
    • 世界チャンピオンと互角に渡り合った
    • He held his own against the world champion.
  1. II〔議論する〕argue
    • 彼は外国人と英語で互角に渡り合うことができる
    • He can argue with foreigners in English and hold his own.
    • その政策をめぐって両派ははげしく渡り合った
    • The two factions had a heated dispute [argument] over the policy.