1. expiration (of a term);〔手形などの〕maturity
    • 満期になる
    • 〔手形などが〕mature/fall [come] due
    • 満期手形
    • a matured bill
    • この手形は1か月で満期になる
    • This bill 「falls due [will mature] in a month.
    • この定期預金は来週満期になる
    • This time deposit will mature next week.
    • 保険[契約]は3月末で満期になる
    • The term of your insurance [contract] expires on the last day of March.
    • 彼の刑は満期になった
    • He served out his time [sentence].
  1. 満期日the maturity date
  1. 満期保険金maturity proceeds of insurance policies
    • 満期保険金にかかる税金
    • a tax imposed on matured insurance policy proceeds