1. do ⇒する(為る)おこなう(行う)
    • なすすべを失って茫然とつっ立っていた
    • At a loss what to do, she stood there vacantly.
    • 「なせば成る」という格言がある
    • As the saying goes, if you have a mind to do something, you can do it.
    • 息子のなすがままにさせておこう
    • I will let my son do as he likes.
    • 彼はなすこともなくぶらぶらと過ごしている
    • He is idling his time away./He lives an idle life.
    • 捕虜は敵兵のなすがままであった
    • The captive was at the mercy of the enemy soldier.