1. I 〔整頓する〕put in order; 〔始末する〕dispose ((of)); 〔しまう〕put away
    • 部屋を片付ける
    • put a room in ordertidy [straighten] up a room
    • 机の上[引き出しの中]を片付ける
    • tidy up a desk [drawer]
    • テーブルの皿を片付ける
    • clear (the dishes from) the table
    • がらくたを片付ける
    • dispose of junk
    • いすを部屋の隅に片付けた
    • He moved the chairs to a corner of the room.
    • 聞き終わったテープを片付けた
    • I put away the tapes I had finished listening to.
  1. II
  1. 1 〔終わらせる〕finish; 〔解決する〕settle; 〔始末をつける〕dispose ((of))
    • 彼女はてきぱきと仕事を片付けた
    • She finished off her work efficiently.
    • 彼は何でも「いいね」という一言で片付けてしまう
    • He just disposes of everything with “OK?”
    • この件をできるだけ早く片付けてしまいたい
    • I'd like to have this matter settled [disposed oftaken care of] as soon as possible.
    • 彼は皿の上のものを全部片付けた
    • He 「ate up [finishedpolished off] all the food on the plate.
  1. 2 〔嫁にやる〕
    • 娘を弁護士に片付けた
    • He married (off) his daughter to a lawyer.
  1. 3 〔邪魔者を除く〕
    • あいつは邪魔だ.片付けてしまえ
    • He is in our way. 「Do away with him [Finish him off].
    • 暴力団に片付けられたらしいよ
    • He seems to have been liquidated [((口))bumped off] by a gang of racketeers.