1. environment; surroundings(▼environmentは個人の感情・情操・人格などに与える影響を強調する);〔自然環境〕the environment

    環境の environmental

    • 環境にやさしい
    • eco-friendly/environment-friendly/easy on the environment
    • 知的な[幸せな]環境に育った
    • He grew up in 「an intellectual [a happy] environment.
    • 人は遺伝と環境によって左右される
    • Man is conditioned by heredity and environment.
    • 開発事業のためこの辺りでは自然環境が破壊されている
    • The natural environment of this area is being destroyed by the development project.
    • 彼は環境に順応するのが遅い
    • He is slow in adapting himself to his surroundings [environment].
    • 家は気に入ったが環境がいやだ
    • I like the house, but not the surroundings.
    • この山荘はすばらしい環境にある
    • This mountain cottage is in a splendid location.
    • 近くにゲームセンターができて周囲の環境が変わった
    • The opening of a game arcade nearby has changed the character of the neighborhood.
  1. 環境アセスメントan assessment of the environment; an environmental impact assessment
    • 環境アセスメント報告
    • ((present)) an environmental impact statement
  1. 環境医学environmental medicine
  1. 環境衛生environmental hygienics [sanitation]
  1. 環境汚染environmental pollution
  1. 環境汚染測定法environmental pollution measurement
  1. 環境汚染物質((emit)) an environmental pollutant
  1. 環境基準environmental standards
  1. 環境基本計画the Basic Environmental Plan
  1. 環境基本法the Basic Environment Law
  1. 環境教育environmental education
  1. 環境共生(型)社会an environment-friendly society
  1. 環境共生住宅environmental housing
  1. 環境共生都市an eco(-)city
  1. 環境権the right to protect one's environment
  1. 環境工学environmental engineering
  1. 環境コスト(an) environmental cost
  1. 環境再生保全機構the Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency of Japan ((略 ERCA))
  1. 環境産業the environment [environmental] industry; eco-business
  1. 環境税「an environmental [a green] tax
  1. 環境設定〔コンピュータで〕(a) configuration; (one's) setup
  1. 環境省[大臣]〔日本の〕the Ministry [Minister] of the Environment
  1. 環境対策車an eco-friendly car; a green car
  1. 環境庁(長官)〔米国の〕(the Director General of) the Environmental Protection Agency ((略 E.P.A.))
  1. 環境適応adaptation to the [one's] environment
  1. 環境難民environmental refugees
  1. 環境破壊environmental disruption;〔生態系破壊〕ecocide
  1. 環境白書「a white paper [the Annual Report] on the environment
  1. 環境ビジネス(an) eco-business; 「(an) environmental [(a) green] business
  1. 環境保護environmental protection
  1. 環境保護主義者an environmentalist
  1. 環境保全environmental preservation [conservation; safeguards]
  1. 環境保全運動ecoactivity
  1. 環境保全主義者an environmentalist; a preservationist
  1. 環境ホルモンan endocrine disrupter; an environmental hormone
  1. 環境問題an environmental problem
  1. 環境倫理environmental ethics