1. a warrior's helmet; a headpiece
    • かぶとの緒
    • a helmet cord
    • 勝ってかぶとの緒を締めよ
    • Don't crow too much after a victory./Be cautious after success.
    • もうかぶとを脱いだらどうだ
    • Why not admit that you're beaten?
    • あの人にはかぶとを脱ぐよ
    • I know he's better than I am.
  1. 1〔亀の甲羅こうら〕a (tortoise's) shell;〔かにの甲羅〕a shell
  1. 2〔よろい〕armor,《英》 armour
  1. 3〔手の表〕the back (of the hand);〔足の表〕the top side of the foot
    • 足の甲が高い
    • have a high instep
  1. 4〔甲と乙の〕
    • 甲と乙
    • A and B/〔法律用語〕the party of the first part and the party of the second part
  1. 5〔成績の第一位〕an“A" ⇒ゆう(優)