1. I〔耕地〕a field, a farm
    • 畑の作物
    • field products
    • 畑を耕す
    • till [cultivate] the soil/plow [《英》 plough] the soil [field]
    • 父は畑で働いている
    • My father is working 「in the field [on the farm].
  1. II〔領域〕a field ⇒ぶんや(分野)せんもん(専門)
    • 畑の違う人たち
    • people from different fields [walks of life]
    • 音楽畑の人
    • a career [professional] musician
    • 化学は私の畑ではない
    • Chemistry is 「not in [out of] my line.
  1. 畑違いはたけ(畑)II
    • 彼女は畑違いの仕事をみごとにこなした
    • She did the work very well though it was out of her line.