1. I〔病気〕illness;〔特定の病気〕a disease
    • 病の床にふす
    • be ill in bed
    • 彼は病を押して会議に出席した
    • He attended the meeting in spite of his illness.
    • 不治の病に冒されている
    • He has an incurable disease.
  1. II〔悪癖〕a bad habit
    • 彼には人の物を取る病がある
    • He is light-fingered [a kleptomaniac].
    • 彼の病も改まった
    • He has cured himself of his bad habit.
    • 君の人間嫌いは病こうこうに入っているよ
    • You are an incurable [incorrigible] misanthrope.
  1. 病は気からIllness arises from sickness of the spirit./Most illness is psychosomatic (in origin).