1. I〔痛みがある〕painful;〔炎症などで〕sore
    • 痛い傷
    • a painful wound
    • 足[のど]が痛い
    • I have 「sore feet [a sore throat].
    • 頭[腹]が痛い
    • I have a headache [stomachache]./I have a pain in my head [stomach].
    • 歯がひどく痛い
    • I have an awful toothache.
    • あっ,痛い
    • Ouch! That hurts!
    • 痛いですか
    • Do you feel [have] any pain?/Does it hurt (you)?
    • 少しも痛くありません
    • I feel no pain./It doesn't hurt at all.
    • どこが痛いですか
    • Where does it hurt?
    • 昨日やけどしたところが(ひりひり刺すように)痛い
    • It smarts [stings] where I burned myself yesterday.
    • 流感で体中が痛い
    • My whole body aches with (the) flu.
  1. II〔弱みとなる〕
    • 彼女はいつも痛いところに触れる
    • She always touches a sore [tender] spot./She always touches a raw nerve.
    • 君の言葉は彼の痛い所を突いた
    • Your remark stung [cut] him to the quick.
    • それを聞くと耳が痛い
    • Hearing that causes me pangs of guilt./I feel guilty when I hear it.
    • それは頭の痛い問題だ
    • That's a vexing question./That problem gives me a headache./That's a real headache.
    • 彼の欠場はチームには大いに痛い
    • The team is hard hit by his absence.
    • 1万円の罰金は痛いな
    • A fine of ten thousand yen is quite a blow.
    • 痛い目にあわせる
    • 〔痛めつける〕treat a person to a painful [terrible] experience/make a person suffer/〔思い知らせる〕teach a person a lesson
    • 〔ある事に対する代価を払う〕そんなに生意気だと痛い目にあうぞ
    • You'll pay for your cheekiness.
    • 〔苦い経験をする〕嫌だと言ったばっかりに痛い目にあった
    • I had a terrible experience simply because I said no.
    • 〔取引上の損をする〕株に手を出して痛い目にあった
    • He got burned playing the stock market.
    • そんなことは痛くもかゆくもない
    • I don't 「care a bit [《俗》 give a damn] about it./It's [It means] nothing to me.
    • 彼が何と言っても痛くもかゆくもない
    • I couldn't care less what he says.
  1. 痛くもない腹を探られるbe suspected unjustly; be the object of groundless suspicion
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