1. I〔病気の〕a fit ((of coughing));a spasm ((of coughing));《文》 a paroxysm ((of pain))
    • 激痛の発作が起きた
    • He had a spasm of intense pain.
    • 心臓の発作が起きた
    • He had a heart attack.
    • てんかんの発作
    • an epileptic fit
  1. II〔突然の行為〕発作的な spasmodic; paroxysmal; convulsive
    • 発作的に母親をなぐった
    • He hit his mother in a fit of anger.
    • 時々発作的に勉強する
    • He studies by [in] fits and starts.
    • 発作的にこみあげる悲しみ
    • a spasm of grief