1. (an) irony; sarcasm; satire (▼ironyは逆の表現を用いる皮肉.sarcasmには相手を傷つけようとする悪意がある.satireは風刺)

    皮肉な ironical; sarcastic; satirical

    皮肉に ironically; in irony; sarcastically

    • 皮肉を言う
    • make ironical [sarcasticsnide/((口))catty] remarks
    • 皮肉で言ったんだ
    • He intended his remark as irony.
    • がんの名医が自らがんで死ぬとは皮肉だ
    • It is an irony (of fate) that a great cancer doctor should die of cancer himself.
    • 皮肉な笑いで
    • with a sardonic [cynical] smile
    • 彼は人間性を皮肉な目で見ている
    • He is cynical about human nature./He looks at human nature cynically [with a cynical eye].
  1. 皮肉屋 〔いやみを言う人〕a sarcastic man; 〔冷笑する人〕a cynic