1. a decision

    確定する decide; settle (on); fix

    確定的な (に) definite(ly)

    • プログラムは確定次第お知らせします
    • I'll let you know as soon as the program is finalized.
    • 日時はまだ確定していない
    • We haven't fixed [settled on] a date yet.
    • 彼の落選が確定した
    • It was determined (by computer projections) that he had lost the election.
    • 彼の有罪[無罪]が確定した
    • His guilt [innocence] was established.
    • 彼が昇進することはほぼ確定的だ
    • It is almost definite [certain] that he will be promoted.
  1. 確定事項 a settled matter
    • それは確定事項だ
    • That's (already) been settled.
  1. 確定申告
    • 所得税の確定申告をする
    • file a final income tax return
  1. 確定判決 a final decision