1. I〔穴をあける〕dig(▼掘って);bore(▼ドリルやきりで);drill(▼ドリルで)
    • 岩をうがって道を通した
    • They drilled a road through the rock.
  1. II
  1. 1〔せんさくする〕scrutinize; dig into; pry into
    • それは君,うがち過ぎだよ
    • You see more than there is./You're reading too much into it.
  1. 2〔隠れた面を言いあてる〕hit the mark; get to the root of ((a matter))
    • 彼の発言は真相をうがっていた
    • What he said went [got] to the root of the matter.
    • それはなかなかうがった見方だ
    • That is quite a penetrating insight.