1. I〔突進〕
    • 彼らの鋭い突っ込みにあって我がチームは敗れた
    • Our team was beaten by their focused [incisive] attack.
  1. II
  1. 1〔深く立ち入ること〕 ⇒つっこむ(突っ込む)II
    • 君の論文は突っ込みが不十分だ
    • Your paper 「doesn't dig deeply enough [lacks thorough research].
    • 演技に突っ込みが今一つ足りないね
    • You need to throw yourself into your performance a little more.
  1. 2〔漫才で〕
    • ぼけと突っ込み
    • the comic [funny man] and the straight man in a stand-up comedy team
    • 君はいつも鋭い突っ込みをしてくるな
    • 〔受け答え〕You always have a clever comeback.