1. (a pair of) chopsticks
    • 彼は箸が上手に使えない
    • He cannot use [handle] chopsticks well.
    • 豆を箸でつまむ
    • pick up beans with one's chopsticks
    • あの年ごろの娘は箸が転んでも笑う
    • Girls of that age are ready to laugh at anything [the drop of a hat].
    • おいしくて箸が進んだ
    • It was so delicious that I couldn't stop eating.
    • その計画は箸にも棒にもかからない
    • The plan is good for absolutely nothing.
    • 箸の上げ下ろしにもうるさい
    • She is finicky [picky] about tablemanners [〔何事にも〕everything].
    • 彼は刺身に箸を付けなかった
    • He left the sashimi untouched.
  1. 箸置きa chopstick rest
  1. 箸立てa chopstick holder
  1. 箸箱a chopstick case