1. I〔仕事〕work, workmanship;〔細工した物〕a (piece of) work;〔手細工品〕(a piece of) handiwork, craftwork

    細工する work ((on))

    • 竹細工
    • (a) bamboo work/〔総称〕bamboo ware
    • 精巧な細工のオルゴール
    • a music box of elaborate workmanship [craftsmanship]
  1. II〔企み〕a trick

    細工する 〔策略を用いる〕use tricks;〔ごまかす〕manipulate,《口》 cook ((the books))

    • 陰で細工をする
    • play tricks [use trickery] behind the scenes
    • 下手な細工はやめろ
    • None of your stupid tricks!
    • 誰かが書類に細工をしたにちがいない
    • Someone must have tampered with the document.
    • 細工された帳簿
    • a cooked [juggled] account book
    • この統計の数字には明らかに細工のあとが見える
    • The statistics have obviously been doctored [manipulated].
  1. 細工は流々,仕上げをごろうじろIt's all set. Wait and see the results!