1. maintenance ((of))
    • 現状[世界平和]を維持する
    • maintain 「the status quo [world peace]
    • 面目を維持する
    • keep up appearances/save face
    • 健康を維持する
    • preserve one's health/keep oneself in good health
    • 生命を維持する
    • sustain [support] (a person's) life/keep a person alive
    • 患者に生命維持装置が取り付けられた
    • The patient was hooked up to a life-support system.
    • 会を維持する
    • keep a club going
    • その協会の維持はほとんど寄付金による
    • The society is supported almost entirely by contributions.
  1. 維持費the cost of maintenance; upkeep
    • この古寺の維持費に年額300万円かかる
    • The upkeep [maintenance] of this old temple costs three million yen a year.